Popular FAQ's

How does the refilling process work?

It’s pretty easy … You either bring your own clean, previously used containers or buy the super cute ones we sell. From there, you weigh them and start refilling! When you’re checking out, we deduct the weight of the container so you only pay for what’s inside it!

What kind of containers can I bring?

We encourage people to reuse whatever they can! Old shampoo bottles, laundry jugs, dish soap dispensers, mason jars, spaghetti sauce, salsa, peanut butter jars, you name it … Plastic maple syrup and ketchup bottles both work great for toilet bowl cleaner. Who knew??

We also have new containers for sale and always have a selection of previously loved ones you can have free or charge.

Are all products ethically sourced?

All of our products are 100% ethically sourced! We are completely committed to an ethical and sustainable way of life in everything we do and we only deal with suppliers who share that vision.

Are you opening near me?

It is our goal to make refilling available to all people in all places. We are expanding and also looking for franchise partners. If you think we should be opening near you or you’re keen to work with us, please drop us a line!


Still have questions?

Still have questions?



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